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Teil 1: Zufriedenheit mit der Web-Präsenz bzw. dem Online-Shop

Navigation, Produktauswahl::-) (Note: 2)
Sortiment, Verfügbarkeit::-) (Note: 2)
Produktinformation, Aufbereitung::-| (Note: 3)
Kundenservice vor dem Kauf (Beratung, Anfragen)::-| (Note: 2,50)
Preisniveau::-) (Note: 1,75)
Versandoptionen und -kosten bzw. Abholmöglichkeit::-) (Note: 1,75)
Bezahlung (Möglichkeiten, Abwicklung)::-) (Note: 2)
Geschäftsbedingungen::*) (Note: 1)
Website-Performance/Ladezeiten::-) (Note: 2)

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Korrektheit der Angaben im Shop (z.B. Lagerstand)::-| (Note: 2,33)
Bestätigung und Auslieferung, Paketverfolgung::-) (Note: 1,33)
Lieferzeit::-) (Note: 1,33)
Verpackung und tatsächlicher Lieferumfang::-) (Note: 1,50)
Kundenservice während/nach der Lieferung::*) (Note: 1)

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4) "Best dealer I order from"

Scan are continually striving to do better. Orders just sail through their order process. Delivery updates by SMS and email give an actual time slot on the day ..... and even the name of the DPD driver! My most recent order arrived 5 minutes early, allowing me to go back to work having taken a half hour break to accept delivery. No other supplier does this yet.

camyarm  am 06.04.2012, 23:56

3) "Pain in the arse."

Why do they persist with this bizarre login system?

For users outside the UK, and I currently live in the ROI, this is a nightmare for starters. Nowhere do they state how to log in without a UK postcode, and even then it doesn't work half the time even if you do enter 'Ire/ire' as the postcode.

Secondly, my first attempt to pay with Paypal was not accepted and resulted in a failed order. I can understand that, as it is an overseas Paypal account and some errors did come up.

But then I tried to pay with a Mastercard, which went through fine, and entered the additional security from the bank etc. etc. and the order was listed as accepted and payment successful.

Followed up today just to be sure and I was advised that the payment was declined. No reason given, nothing.

I sent them an email saying to just cancel everything as their process to order is just a nightmare and will order from from now on.

focb  am 13.02.2012, 12:33

2) "Good price, prompt delivery."

Ordered a BeQuiet! PSU (530W BN106 Pure Power L7) at a top price and got it within two working days.

stefanti  am 06.05.2011, 00:13

1) "Sends out OEM hard drives with no manufacturer warranty"

I bought from Scan in the past and was quite happy with the general service and the delivery time. At least until I now ordered an Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB SATA hard drive from them. The drive arrived quickly and in time, but when I checked the manufacturer warranty on the Hitachi website I had to find out that Scan has sent me an OEM drive which doesn't come with any manufacturer warranty. On their website there is no mentioning that they are selling OEM drives. This is at least a very dishonest business practise and legally questionable, and I am really disappointed that a retailer has to fall back to deception to sell items of less value at full street prices.

Funny enough, when I ordered another drive of the same type from a different online retailer (L****a-T*k) the drive I got covered the full 3 year warranty that I expected.

As the only option was to send the drive back at my expense and probably wait weeks for a refund I decided to take the punt and keep the warranty-less OEM drive.

So if you're shopping around for a hard drive I strongly recommend to refrain from buying from Scan, at least as long as they refuse to clearly communicate which drives are OEM variants and which not.

btg_uk  am 15.12.2010, 13:01

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