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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact schwarz

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  • Das beste Smartphone!

    Ich habe mittlerweile sehr viele Smartphones ausprobiert und bin vom Sony Xperia XZ1 compact einfach nur überzeugt. Es wird mit der aktuellsten Android-Version 8.0 ausgeliefert, weitere Updates werden zur Verfügung gestellt.
  • Online kauf Smartphone

    Ich habe es das Sony xz1 compact 2017 jetzt seit wenigen Tagen in der täglichen Nutzung. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Smartphone. Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen der gerne die beste Technik und gute Qualität mit kleineren maßen hat. Es liegt sehr gut in der Hand, funktioniert einwandfrei und schaut sehr gut aus also ein echt super Smartphone.
  • super

    super gerät ich mag das gerät es ist toll weiterempfehlung ich mag das gerät mag
  • Finally a proper successor

    The Xperia range of phones doesn't get it's the love it deserves. For a long time, Sony was the only company making a proper flagship phone in a small size. But those of us who bought them knew how unique a product they were. Key word being "were".

    The z1, z3 and z5 compact were all fantastic phones. But when it launched it's new redesigned line late last year, dropping the "Z" moniker, the moved to the "X" series. The XZ, the XA, the XA1, the XZs were all decent phones.

    They also launched the X Compact as their replacement for their "small" range. But unlike the Z1, Z3 and Z5 Compact...the X Compact was no longer a flagship device. It was nice enough, but it simply wasn't a compact flagship.

    Materials felt plasticky, the processor was mediocre.

    Finally, with the XZ1 Compact is a chance for redemption. With it's release, it is now pretty much the only flagship android device on the market with a small form-factor, easy to control one handed.

    A 720p resolution screen might not impress some folks, but it should be plenty enough for a small screen...and has the added bonus of being easy on the batter.

    Sony, for whatever reason, never spends much money on marketing. I wish they did. For anyone who likes a near-stock Android with solid performance...there's not reason this phone can't be a major hit...if people know it exists
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